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  • Infrared Thermography

    Infrared Thermography

      Infrared thermography (IRT) is the science used to capture and process thermal information using non-contact measurement tools. This is done by analyzing infrared (IR) radiation emitted from an object whose temperature is above absolute zero. Because this wavelength exists outside of the visible spectrum of light, infrared measuring devices are required to capture and…

  • Why Home Inspectoryous Use Crawl Bots.

    Why Home Inspectoryous Use Crawl Bots.

    Why Home Inspectors Use Crawl Bots   Crawlspace robots, also known as crawl bots or crawlers, are remote-operated, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) designed to capture photos and videos in otherwise inaccessible crawlspaces. Although newer to the inspection industry, this technology has a decades-long history in other fields, such as space, agriculture, mining, emergency response, and…